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Supply Chain & IT Systems

We are implementing IT systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) systems and Banking IT systems since 1996, worldwide, in order to realize Supply Chain Management and Business Process IT requirements. We help you to streamline your processes, get them transparent and perform in-depth supply chain analyses in order to unveil hidden potentials, financially and performance wise.

Business Process Management

During the mechanistic era until the late 1990's improvements in terms of process efficiency, cost savings, quality improvements and output performance were mainly based on technical solutions in very particular areas of the value chain.

In today's world a real competitive advantage arises out of a well running organization, like a well oiled clockwork... which requires well integrated and fluid processes, from order to cash, from plan to execution.


- Electronics Manufacturing (OEM)
- Electronics Outsourcing (EMS)
- Heavy Equipments
- Construction
- Mechanical Engineering
- Cable Manufacturing
- Automotive
- Logistics

- Luxemburg
- Dubai
- Singapore